Wagging words

Greetings and salutations reader!

Another year has come and gone and a new year is before us. We, North West Canine Cakes, are looking forward to new adventures in baking for past clients and new ones.

Our thanks to all our past year's customers for their orders and kind words. Thank you Loren, Jackie, Danielle, Cambry, James,  Greg and Suprya, just to name a few.  And happy past and future birthdays to Romeo, Aero, Jake and Mira, Becks, Wyatt, Hudson, Shaymus, Libby,  Maxwell, Sam, Jäger and Royal! (again just to name a few)

It is because of everyone, that we do what we do.

For those that do not know what we do, we make healthy dog cakes and treats. We do not use any corn, wheat or sugar in any of our products. We use Garbanzo bean flour, oats and all natural products, like fresh ground peanut butter, pure pumpkin, all natural beet and spinach powders, fat free, low sodium chicken broth, fresh dried cranberries and the list goes on. The point is we don't put anything in our products that is not healthy for our boys and girls. We work with local veterinarians to keep current on what is good for our canine friends. We also have done hours of research on healthy canine diet. In short we care as much about what goes in your dog as much as we care about what goes in our boy, Sheldon.

We have also, found that there are a lot of pet products that are not made in this country, that come from Asia and South America. Let's face it there is a lot less regulation on those products, so who knows what else is in them or what they have come in contact with. We know the ingredients we use are all made in this country and are free of any harmful additives, nor have been exposed to anything that could be detrimental to our furry friends.

We look forward to serving each and every past and future customer in the coming months and we will keep you posted via this source on anything new.

Keep waggin'